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We are extremely grateful for the commentaries you made.
Thanks for them.
Thanks to of all you.
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It was excellent
The text introduces "ORBITRONICS," exploring orbital currents in spintronics. It highlights the evolution from charge to spin control in electronic devices. ORBITRONICS focuses on angular momentum flow, addressing challenges and opportunities. The field is in early stages, with ultimate mechanisms and properties yet to be fully discovered. The short course, ORBITAL CURRENTS 2023, caters to newcomers, covering atomic to band structure physics. The hybrid format allows in-person and online participation, featuring dedicated sessions on experimental approaches and a hands-on component.
Thank you for the very nice course
I truly enjoyed the school.
Exciting and useful!
A good start for this school
thank you
This topic was really new to me and I enjoyed the school lot. I will be looking forward to join another school in near future.
Quite a good series of lectures
I loved it. Thanks
Excellent School. Thank You
Interesting course. Posotive that it also included experimental aspects. A little bit much too complicated the process of obtaining the certificate...
It was very interesting but a bit intense the schedule.
Very nice school with experts at the forefront of the field.
It was a great school ...
It was a great school
I did really enjoy attending to the school
It was great although It would be great to hear more experimental perspective
Thanks for organising!
Really inspired school
Thank you for the school!
Practical and experimental sessions too short and fast
Interesting school about orbital currents.
It was a very interesting school for me, I have learnt a lot about which are the basis and mechanisms around orbitronics. I would add more experimental lectures and make the theoretical "classes" shorter as they were a little bit too long. The speakers were very nice and I think its a good opportunity to share with new researchers this new topic.
It was good and informative
Thank you for providing a positive and enriching learning environment at the school.
The school was very informative. Looking forward to getting the recorded talks.
The school was really interesting and a really good introduction to orbitronics. However, there are few suggestions that I have: - In my opinion 1h 30 min of lecture is too much and difficult to follow. I would prefer lectures of 1 h max. - I believe that it would have been easier to follow all the lectures if the course would have been done in two days instead of one. - I would have liked to listen more about devices or applied physics with orbital currents. - I think that the visit to the labs was too short, and I thought that we were going to see some experiments. I understand that we ran out of time, but maybe the discussion time after the lectures could be shorter to have enough time for other activities. Thank you very much for organizing the school :)
Very good
Interesting topic. I would like to be informed of future courses.
The School was a fantastic introduction to the field of orbitronics. Especially because it started from the fundamentals and built more complicated concepts on top of that so that non-experts in the field could also follow. It was a great experience
It was very interesting and useful for my research.
Thanks for the lessons school
It was a good idea to share this school considering a hybrid method. I am starting in this field and some lectures explained me about this topic and all the posibilities that I could do taking in consideration different materials and posibles aplications. Another thing to remark in this school were the lectures that explained how to characterize this orbital effect.
Dear School Organizers, wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible experience at the Orbital Current School. The depth of knowledge shared, the engaging sessions, and the overall learning environment were truly exceptional. I appreciate the effort and dedication that went into organizing such a valuable event. The insights gained and connections made during the school will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on my understanding of the subject. Thank you once again for providing this enriching opportunity. I look forward to applying the knowledge gained in my future endeavors. Best regards, Valentine
It was a very dense
I find the school very useful
The school was well organized
It was very good and more informative
It was good
The orbital current school was fantastic to attend. Especially
The ORBITAL CURRENTS 2023 School is a part of the ICMAB Series on Frontiers in Materials Science, focusing on ORBITRONICS—a novel exploration of angular momentum transport in solids. It aims to understand and leverage the flow of angular momentum, an area gaining attention for its potential impact on electronic devices. While information technologies historically relied on controlling charge flow, recent progress in spintronics paved the way for more efficient data storage. However, ORBITRONICS delves into the relatively unexplored realm of orbital currents, challenging our understanding of atomic and solid-state physics. This school offers a comprehensive journey from basic atomic physics to intricate electronic structures, exploring how spin and orbital properties evolve with charge flow. Designed for newcomers, it includes hands-on sessions to witness experimental demonstrations related to orbital currents.
School on orbital current in solid is a great event and from this event we learn more about orbital current in solid with the blend of series of lectures.
I think the course was an excellent introduction to orbital currents. If I had to make a suggestion
Any talk has been very interesting and the school has been very useful to approach this argument that I am not familiar with.
thank you
Very interesting school. Thank you
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